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1983 Toyota Celica GTS

I am the original owner. I purchased this car in February 1983 from Homestead Toyota. It now has 447,000 miles on it. At 375,000 miles

I replaced the original engine with a remanufactured 22-RE engine from ATK. The old one had electrolysis damage between the cylinders and the 

aluminum head. I now use Toyota red coolant in the cooling system. The car was repainted in 1995 after a collision on the front right fender. I have 

repainted the trim, replaced the drive shaft with a reman, replaced all coolant hoses, replaced the air filter with a K&N filter charger kit from LC 

Engineering, replaced the starter, alternator, front brake calipers and brake lines, fuel pump, fuel injector start relay, clutch, clutch slave cylinder, belts, 

power steering  pump and pressure line, sunroof cable, repaired the cruise control, replaced the front struts and rear shocks with Monroe brand, replaced 

the original  radio/tape player with a Sony CD player and Eclipse speakers, replaced various lights and added Lloyd custom floor mats to the interior. The 

rear  speakers are self-enclosed Eclipse 6x9 mounted externally in the rear. I elected not to cut any part of the interior to install new speakers. In 2002 I 

repaired the air conditioner which had been broken for 10 years. I use Mother's products to protect the interior and exterior vinyl, plastic and rubber. 

I use Meguiar's Gold Class liquid wax on the paint. I use Castrol or Pennzoil motor oil and Toyota oil filters. The tires are Michelin Pilot 225x60x14 and I 

replaced the original inertial cooling fan with a flex fan.

update 21 June 2015 - The car now has 484,321.6 miles on it. I have completely rebuilt the IRS, the air conditioner (including the evaporator), replaced the starter and inner tie rod ends, and the shocks and struts. It currently needs rear bushings and a new steering rack. I still use conventional oil.



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